Ghostwriting firewall – form

Dear Sir/Madam,

wishing to comply with the norms set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education with regard to the functioning of scientific journals, and concerned about maintaining high standards of the scientific periodical Studia Europaea Gnesnensia, the Editorial Section kindly requests all potential authors to download, complete and send back the form designed to protect against phenomena termed as “ghostwriting” and "guest authorship". The link to the form is found below.


“Ghostwriting” describes a situation when a person has made a substantial contribution to the publication, but they have not been credited with co-authorship or their role has not been mentioned in the acknowledgements attached to the publication.


“Guest authorship” (“honorary authorship”) denotes a circumstance when the contribution is negligible or non-existent, but the person has been listed as author/co-author of publication. In the case of papers with more than one author, please provide contribution percentage at each name. At the same time, we wish to inform that responsibility for complying with the above rules lies with the person who submits the paper for publication.


dr Filip Kubiaczyk

[download] 0.1 MB PL ghostwriting firewall form
[download] 0.1 MB EN ghostwriting firewall form